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“How we Mett over Brats”



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    Dear Blue Grass Quality Meats,
    I met my husband over 10 years ago at a cookout. He was working the grill, the music was up, the people were all dancing and having a great time. I know he would like to think that I was drawn to him, but you see I am a Brat Lover. I could smell those Blue Grass Brats even before I came to the back yard. Don’t get me wrong, Mike was a great find, but I can’t help but think
    about how you kind of brought us together. It was love at first sight. (The Brats that is.) Mike was a bonus too.

    Mary J.
    (Blue Grass Brats Lover)

    Dear Blue Grass Quality Meats,
    I know the holidays are over…or are they? Ever since I was a little kid, my mom would always put out a feast that was fit for kings! The center piece of the feast was your famous, Blue Grass Jubilee Ham. Every year, before we all sat down to devour the feast, my father would put on his favorite music to dine by,Nat King Cole’s “Unforgettable.” It never sunk in as a kid, but then I guess it did, because every time I hear that song I think about the holidays and your unforgettable ham. You, and Nat, make holiday’s memorable.

    All the Best,
    Kyle M. (Your Unforgettable Ham Fan)